About us

Károlyi and Partners was founded in 2010 by dr. Zsuzsanna Károlyi and dr. Ádám Pátzay with several colleagues who have already made their reputations in various areas of commercial law. The firm does not aim to provide comprehensive business law services but rather wishes to achieve a dominant position and to provide services of exceptional quality to its clients in a few practice areas. In essence, we wish to follow the pattern of the boutique law firms.

We have selected and established our areas of specialisation on the basis of the experience of the last decade, during which we established working relationships with a number of cooperating solicitors and business partners.

Our joint achievements have allowed us to establish a network alongside and in close cooperation with Károlyi and Partners that offers reassuring solutions to many of our clients’ legal and business problems through high quality services.

We aim to provide high-quality, cost-efficient legal services to our clients.