Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We have participated in dozens of merger and acquisition transactions, both on the buy and the sell side.
Our due diligence strategy and working procedure is based on experience obtained over a long period of time.

We are ready to produce a legal opinion based on our due diligence that concentrate on the issues of actual interest to the client and to develop a transaction strategy in cooperation with the client. We have established excellent cooperation with non-legal consultants participating in the work of completing such transactions.

This practice area also includes a number of services related to restructuring and the foundation and the sale of joint ventures that are primarily aimed at privately held companies. Our consultancy service covers all phases of transactions from the elaboration of term sheet conditions through legal audits to the work required for actually making the investment, and in many cases we also take care of the legal tasks associated with exiting the investment successfully.

Our experience includes working for target companies as well as investors and we have appropriate experience of MBI and MBO transactions as well.

Representative for the practice area: Dr. Zsuzsanna Károlyi